MeShell NdgeOcello has done it again

I love me some MeShell — her voice, her “shit, it’s worth a try” attitude with music….and just her overall bad-assness.

A couple of years ago I saw her live when she did the tour of just Prince covers — ranging from his punk music days to Purple Rain and even the classic LoveSexy album. it was mind-blowing to hear her twist on his classic songs — shit, I read that he even attended two of the LA shows and Questlove was trying to get her to record the concert for an album. It was THAT good.

So, when she announced ‘Ventriloquism’ a couple months ago — an album made up of covers from some of her favorite 80/90s R&B songs — I kinda lost my shit.

Well, it’s not out yet, but NPR has dibs on it and it’s available to streat on their site. Check it out — her covers of Prince’s It Never Rains in April or even Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam’s I Wonder if I Take You Home are, for lack of a better word, stunning.

Check out this phenomenal write-up from Rodney Carmichael of NPR Music and take advantage of the site’s “First Listen” before “Ventriloquism” drops on the 16th.


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