Some Time Thinking About Laura Izibor, Nick Hakim & The Alabama Shakes

So, I can’t believe I’m about to write this, but I haven’t been to a concert since December 16th when I went to “A Johnnyswim Christmas” concert at The Hamilton. Johnnyswim was beyond awesome doing selections from their catalog as well as classic Christmas favorites.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time — the group I went with was in the mood to have fun….and have fun we did.

A couple of my friends even let me do my best Elf on a Shelf impression

A couple of my friends even let me do my best Elf on a Shelf impression

So, here I am almost 3 weeks later living a life with no random concerts to attend after work or on the weekends. I didn’t realize how insane my evenings have been until this hiatus. Well, maybe when the wait staff at the Hamilton Live greeted me with “Hey, I’ve seen you here before. You usually sit over there *pointing to my perch on the upper level*” during the Johnnyswim concert. Yeah, that’s a bit insane.

But, I digress. The past couple of weeks, while either at the gym or pretending to get work done while everyone was on vacation, I’ve been able to let my brain go into overdrive with random thoughts.

Without further ado, here are 3 of my wishes for 2015:

A new album and/or tour from Laura Izibor About 5 years ago my boy, Mike, asked if I had heard about “that black Irish chick.” Seriously. Since I didn’t know what he was talking about so I literally Googled “black Irish chick” — and Laura Izibor appeared. I fell in love with her music immediately. Stuff like “Shine” and “From My Heart to Yours” was stuck on instant repeat on my IPod. I bought her full album, Let the Truth Be Told, the day it dropped.

We talked about our hair -- no lie

We talked about our hair — no lie

Then, I saw her in concert for the first time and was blown away. Laura’s voice is beyond phenomenal and her stage presence blows the roof off the freakin’ place. Afterwards I got a chance to meet her and talked about our natural hair and connected about our similar family situations.

Ever since then, I’ve managed to see her every time she came to DC and just kept purchasing her EPs and singles as they were being released. I haven’t seen her in DC since 2011 — so I’ve decided that 2015 deserves some Laura Live (possibly the DC Jazz Festival?!).

Seeing Adele live — finally Throughout the years I have focused on random artists that I would like to see live but haven’t yet — for one reason or another. Ben Harper’s tour would always skip the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings would come to town whenever I was away on vacation or business travel. Johnnyswim wasn’t coming into DC at all. Well, my obsessive tracking of concerts and the uptick of some awesome venues eventually let me tick off each of the aforementioned artists. Adele’s been here once, and her concert sold out at the 9:30 Club sold out in a second. I have faith that I’ll be able to finagle tickets the next time she’s here — it’s destined.

Nick Hakim hitting it big Have you heard of Nick Hakim? If not, you really need to check out his recent releases Where Will We Go Pt. 1 and Where Will We Go Pt. 2. I first heard Nick when he opened up for Emily King at The Hamilton Live. They did a beautiful duet during the shows. This is one of my favorite songs from him.

His voice is just so….for the lack of a better word, chill. I know he has been touring Europe lately and I’m hoping to see him at The U Street Music Hall on January 24th.

Seeing the Alabama Shakes When I think “Badass” Brittany Howard immediately comes to mind. Her voice, attitude on stage, and musical chops is just out of this world. My friend, Bonnie, and I are major fans of Alabama Shakes. Brittany seems like someone I would love to hang out with, have a couple of whiskey and just talk shit.

When we heard they were coming through to DC, we made the mistake of taking a moment to discuss which day we should go. By the time (it was maybe 5 minutes) we decided, the tickets were sold out to both shows. So, for now, I have to be content to just watching videos on YouTube.

Well, those are my top 3 wishes…of course, give me some time and a couple of drinks and I could go on. Thankfully, my music hiatus will come to an end when I get to watch Questlove DJ next Friday at the Howard Theatre. Yes, I shall begin 2015 on the right musical note…..or scratch…..well, you know what I mean.


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