DuPont Brass (@DuPontBrassHU) is Awesome

Dupont BrassSo, I’m still recovering from this year’s DC Jazz Festival — ok, there was a little drama in that, but you know what I mean, two days of being out in the summer sun can take a toll on you. As I figure out the best way to tackle the DC Jazz Fest post (I took a ton of pictures and video), I wanted to tell you about DuPont Brass – a group of Howard University students who definitely making their mark on D.C.

As most of you living in urban areas know, commuting sucks – there’s no way around that feeling. Thankfully, street musicians are there to help keep us from turning our daily commute into a scene from Oz. Something about being serenaded with live music as you exit the Metro definitely helps sooth the soul.

One group that’s helping Washington, D.C. commuters deal with the insanity of Metro and/or the tourists who thought it was a good idea to wander around right at the height of rush hour is the DuPont Brass band. I first ran into them last summer and immediately fell in love. The morning rush selection of music is nice and calm – evening rush hour is a pure party. They have a pretty set schedule of where they are on what days, which is perfect if you’re a fan and want to make the effort to seek them out throughout the week.

Unfortunately, August came and they went back to school – I’m all for education, but my selfish side was so disappointed to say good bye. Then last month, as I’m coming up from the Metro Center’s 13th Street exit I start hearing music with that familiar cadence….and there they were. I honestly think I amused them (actually, I think I scared them) with my reaction when I realized it was THE DuPont Brass back for another summer.

Recently, I saw that these young men have started a campaign to fund the release of their new CD “Sounds of the City” and concert. I, along with a lot of other people in this area, enjoy the hell out of DuPont Brass and I want to help them succeed in their endeavors. This is the type of independent music we need to support. Click below to learn how you can help.

Dupont Brass


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