Quick Post – Go and buy A “Couple” Friends today!

kindred-the-family-soul-a-couple-friends-promoI want to take a moment and encourage you true R&B lovers to head on over to ITunes or Amazon to download A “Couple” Friends, the new album from Kindred – The Family Soul. You’re not going to regret it.

I’ve been a fan and avid supporter of Kindred since their first album, Surrender to Love, came out in 1999. Actually, I was fortunate enough to be a neighbor of Aja Graydon’s cousin who let me listen to a couple tracks before it was released – and I was hooked. After that, I was attending concerts at the 9:30 Club or the Birchmere every time they were in the District.

One of my all time favs was when Aja – looking way too cute as usual — was pregnant and every time she jumped up during a song you literally felt the audience pause and hold their collective breath. This was one of the few times I ventured close to the stage (I was with my neighbor and some friends) and you just felt the universe pause. But, hey, they were having a blast and NOTHING was going to stop it from happening.

IslBGWhat I love about Kindred is that their songs are true to the heart – couples with little ones completely relate to “Sneak a Freak.” Done with all the nonsense happening around you? Throw on “Faraway” and nod your head. – what you hear/see is, from what I can sense, how Fatim Dantzler and Aja are like in real life, and I have nothing but respect for that. Actually, I’d love to hang out with them.

So, take my word for it – if you’re in need of some really good music, music that will make you smile and nod your head, just do yourself a favor and buy A “Couple” Friends, you won’t regret it.


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