My 40 Favorite Songs to Celebrate My 40 Awesome Years

Now that I’m back in the swing of thngs with this blog, a good friend from high school asked me to bring back Flashback Fridays. For a while I was blowing up my friends’ FB timelines with random videos from back in the day — some we all remember, some we forgot, but geeked out when remembers. Saturday is my 40th birthday — and to celebrate, I’m going to share 40 of my all-time favorite songs. Please note: This list could go on and on and on…..esp. once I start playing music and having a couple of drinks.

Quick rules:

  • This list isn’t ranked in anyway, this is done completely off the top of my head — no rhyme or reason. I will probably look at this tomorrow and scream when I realized I forgot something — but I’m strictly just doing this like a word association game.
  • I will try and keep from listing a ton of songs from the same artists. Everyone who knows me knows there is a special place in my heart for New Edition, New Kids on the Block, Luther Vandross and Bon Jovi
  • Holiday days are not included as I only listen to them between Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • These songs will be like me — older (I know some “newer” ones will sneak in, but I’m going to dig in the crates and really bring out some old stuff
  • I will add comments and, possibly, videos to some of the songs. Why? Because I can.

And……. drum-roll-please Here we go….

1. Manic Monday — The Bangles
2. Blackberry Molasses — Mista
3. Thunderstruck — AC/DC
4. Let the Beat Hit ‘Em — Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
5. Cross My Broken Heart — The Jets

Side note: I love The Jets — I can still do the dance from the video. Actually, it was done while crossing 7th St. by the Verizon Center while two of my friends tried not to fall out in front of traffic.

6. Let’s Get Serious — Jermaine Jackson
7. Girls They Love Me — Heavy D.
8. Good Life — Inner City
9. Shining Star — Earth, Wind & Fire
10. Turn Your Love Around — George Benson

side note: This song brings me back to 3rd grade field trips to the roller skating rink. Every time he sang the chorus you had to turn around and go the opposite way. Oh..such simpler times

11. Today is a Good Day — Ice Cube (perfect song for a Friday)
12. Bugaboo — Ed O. G & the Bull Dogs
13. I’d Die Without You — P.M. Dawn
14. Save a Prayer for Me Now — Duran Duran
15. Saturdays — De La Soul

side note: This song is what helps me start weekends — De La and the rest of the Native Tongue crew will have my heart forever.

16. Ladies First — Queen Latifah
17. Poison — Bell Biv Devoe
18. Part Time Suckers — Boogie Down Productions (I can’t remember what I had to eat the day before, but I can break down Part Time Suckers on demand)
19. MacArthur Park — Donna Summer
20. Stop to Love — Luther Vandross

side note: I am a HUGE fan of Luther Vandross. His double CD “The Best of Luther, The Best of Love” was the first CD I had. My parents gave it to me in my Easter Basket — this is how cool my parents are, who thinks to give their 13yo daughter a Luther Vandross CD? AND, I still have it

21. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright — Naughty By Nature
22. Uknowhowwedo — Bahamedia
23. Count Me Out — New Edition
24. Hypnotize — Notorious B.I.G.
25. Do What You Do — Jermaine Jackson

side note: I have no excuse, but I remember listening to this album nonstop when my dad brought it home as part of a record club

26. People Everyday — Arrested Development
27. Paul Revere — Beastie Boys (another classic bar/party song)
28. More Than A Woman — Aaliyah
29. Bonita Applebum — A Tribe Called Quest
30. You Got It (The Right Stuff)

side note: Purely guilty pleasure. I love this song, especially when it get to the hook before the chorus

31. Sunday Morning — No Doubt
32. Benz or Beamer — Outkast (The Jersey Drive soundtrack is phenomenal)
33. Living on the Edge — Aerosmith
34. Slam — Beenie Man
35. Forever My Lady — Jodeci

side note: I really miss the days of girl and guy groups. Truly miss songs like this

36. Put Your Mouth on Me — Eddie Murphy
37. Can We Talk? — Tevin Campbell (he’s coming to DC for a concert this month, I’m seriously contemplating about going)
38. I Would Die for You — Prince
39. Welcome to the Terror Dome — Public Enemy

40………I’m not 40 yet, I’ll post the last one tomorrow (before I start my insane birthday weekend. Plus, my brain has stopped working. So the first song in my head when I wake up will be #40. Thanks to any of you who suffered through my rambling list. Like I said before, it was all off the top of my head — some songs listed led to other songs listed. I know there are a TON of classics that I’m missing, and that doesn’t mean I don’t like them…damn, that was way too easy to complete.


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