Quick Music Heads Up — Meshell Ndgeocello’s new album is all that

Comet Come to MeI’ve been a huge Meshell NdgeOcello fan for years and her new album, “Comet Come to Me,” that will drop tomorrow is….just wow.

I jumped on the change to pre-order the new album months ago, so I was able to download it, with bonus tracks, yesterday. Unfortunately, after an afternoon spent at a local wine festival, I totally forgot to download it until I got home from work this evening.

Halfway into the album and I’m seriously considering lighting some candles and opening one of the bottles of wine I bought yesterday. Meshell’s soft voice, and booming bass guitar, has a way with my psyche. “Who Wears the Crown” — one of the bonus tracks — is just mesmerizing. Her cover of Whodini’s classic “Friends” is so out of left field (and I mean that with the utmost respect) that you have to listen to it a couple of times to just fully digest what she did.

Shoot, do yourself a favor and, if you didn’t take advantage of the pre-order a couple of months ago, just go ahead and buy it tonight so it’ll automatically download when you’re up and about tomorrow. You won’t regret it.


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2 Responses to Quick Music Heads Up — Meshell Ndgeocello’s new album is all that

  1. mrkymrk says:

    Kristen is the Ish! Good Look! Congrats on new Gig!

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