It’s New Music Tuesday

A while back, I got sucked into sending music-related emails to my coworkers in the Los Angeles office to mark “New Music Tuesday,” which marks my favorite day of the week (minus Saturday, because…well, it’s Saturday). To mark what an awesome day it is, and not to let my site sit idle for too long (also, the boss isn’t in the office, so I’m taking advantage — so rude!), I’ve decided to post something really quick.

Sharon-Jones-And-The-Dap-Kings-Give-The-People-What-They-Want-608x608I know there are alot of albums being released today, but the one that makes a HUGE impact on my wallet is “Give The People What They Want” from the incredible Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings. I will do a post about them soon — like some other acts, I’m such a huge fan I would be overwhelmed sharing my love about her and this insanely good band.

However, if you like good ol’ school funk sung by a total bad-ass woman — this is needs to be purchased as soon as possible. I’ll be downloading it when I get home tonight (well, after I stop off to party with some friends at Ru Paul’s Drag Race: Battle of the Seasons. The 9:30 Club is going to be hoppin’),

Another tidbit — I love NPR, especially it’s music side. It challenges me to broaden my taste in music and I appreciate shows like All Songs Considered, World Cafe, and Microphone Check. And, the First Listen page is like a drug dealer to me — every time I take a break, they throw on an album that catches my attention. I’ll be honest, a job at NPR would make my world.

Yesterday, NPR posted a new Tiny Desk Concert (another addiction of mine). This one was with the Howard University a capella group, Afro Blue. Please take a moment to check them out. They are extremely talented, and their voices are so soothing — perfect to listen when you’re stressing.

And….I’m out!


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