The Awesomeness That is Fly Moon Royalty


There are times, when asked directly, that I can’t explain how I discovered a group. Fly Moon Royalty represents one of those times. All I can say is that my world, and IPod, changed about 2 years ago when this duo entered my ears. I don’t think I’ve been the same since. The best way I could explain their style is a combination of futuristic soul music (their bio refers to it as electro-soul)

Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone from Seattle so I’m don’t have much background on this duo. However, pop in one of their EPs and your’e guaranteed to nod your head — Fast Talker Adra Boo’s voice stops you in your tracks. To quote one of my favorite tracks on their Dimensions EP, she is “the shit.”

According to their Band Camp page (which has a plethora of downloads to excite your ears), Adra, a Seattle native, has been making a name for herself in the theater and bourlesque community. With her stage presence in videos Lemonade (above) and the live performance of Roxy (below — and one of my favorite songs from them) you can tell she commands attention, and the audience is more than happy to oblige.

unnamedI am very excited to share that Adra Boo and her partner in crime DJ/Producer/Emcee Illvester are about to release “Unfinished Business,” a new EP in January. The first single, “Piece of Me” was released earlier this week. Take a listen….and buy a copy:

I’m being extremely selfish as I’m posting in hopes that Fly Moon Royalty (@flymoonroyalty) blows up big enough to tour out here on the East Coast — specifically, Washington, D.C. (Adra or Illvester — if you’re reading this I am more than happy to give you suggestions of venues in DC, Boston, Providence and Richmond).

So, take a couple of minutes and listen to their songs — share the links with your friends and help support a very unique and talented duo.


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