Nelson Mandela and the Music of Freedom


Today’s news about the passing of Nelson Mandela hit me harder than I expected. I actually was surprised at how upset I became — like I posted on Twitter, I just thought he was going to live forever. As I was on my way home from work tonight my headphones died, so I had to focus on my brain’s constant commentary. As we road up the hill in Fairlington, I immediately thought about Amandla!: A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony. This 2002 documentary looked at the part music played in the end of Apartheid. You can look at the trailer here:

As someone who is interested in how music and historical events intersect you should know that I was immediately attracted to this when it was released. While watching it — through leaky eyes — I was amazed that, like Slavery and the Civil Rights Movement here, music was an integral part of communication, support, and power in South Africa.

I highly recommend sitting down to watch this documentary. It’s moving and so rich in storytelling. You’ll find that there is alot to the struggle in South Africa that is unknown here in the states. Unfortunately, you can no longer get the soundtrack. Hopefully, Lions Gate will re-release it to help celebrate the legacy of Nelson Mandela and what this great man was able to achieve.

I know, this is a quick one — I just wanted to share my thoughts.


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