Emily King = Awesome — or, Why I Love Live Music

Before I even begin my “review” of last night’s concert at Hamilton Live I have to state the following:

Last night I witnessed magic — in the form of a duet with songstress Emily King (@Emilykingmusic) and Nick Hakim (@nick_hakim). Let’s take a quick look:

This blew me away. With the current trend of albums with tons of guests — yet, when these artists go on tour the fans S.O.L. with some of their favorite songs as these artists won’t be showing up at the concerts, unless you’re in LA or NY. OR…..if you went to the New Kids or P!nk concerts, the duets are done with the guest via video (Yes, I was at the New Kids on the Block comeback tour, no shame in my game).

Emily, did the complete opposite. She sang Down, which is on The Seven EP, on her own (and it is a haunting song). Last night, she brought her opening act DC-native-Boston-based Nick Hakim on stage to join her. Wow…that’s all I can say.


How did I discover Emily Smith? Around this time last year, I had the opportunity to see Alice Smith perform at The Hamilton (one of my favorite music venues in DC — perfect for single women who just want to see music without being bothered by knuckleheads). The day after her concert I received an email from the venue saying that if I like Alice Smith (hello….HUGE FAN) I should come for Emily King’s concert that was coming up. Well, damn….best email I’ve ever opened. I was mesmerized by her performance and beautiful music and I was on a mission to get every piece of music of hers that I could find.

After that concert I got a chance to see her open for Emeli Sande (another OMG, I am so glad I saw her live!) at the Howard Theatre and my appreciation for her was set in stone. Besides her rock-esque vibe, which I appreciate in female singers, I really enjoy her because:

  • The songs she chooses for her EP and album are on point
  • She has a ton of fun switching up the songs in her concerts — the live version “Ordinary Heart” is so not like the recorded version, yet it works perfectly
  • She had a BLAST on stage — and it shows. For example — her cover of Billy Joel’s Just the Way You Are:

So — Emily King get a big thumbs up from me — and I highly recommend you checking her out….please, you won’t regret it.

Look at the time – I’m off to the gym, tomorrow I’ll talk about my crush on Nick Hakim and why I have a soft spot for tortured white boys who can sing. Here’s a quick sample of his awesomeness:


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One Response to Emily King = Awesome — or, Why I Love Live Music

  1. Jennifer C. says:

    Makes me wish I had been there. Hope she comes to Atlanta so I can see her.

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