It’s Monday


Hey folks,

It’s Monday and I’ve been lazy with this blog (again). So, I just wanted to throw up something quick to get me back in the thick of it before I’m all the way off the wagon.

Just a quick “In case you missed it” — PBS is letting those of us who missed Gary Clark, Jr. and The Alabama Shakes tearing up the stage on Austin City Limits watch it via the inter-webs. Awesome show, definitely click here to check it out.

Also, I’m so excited to say that I’ll be heading to The Hamilton tonight to see (in my best Lupe Fiasco voice) Miss Emily King. I have to give The Hamilton a huge “THANK YOU” for introducing me to her — last year, after attending an Alice Smith concert there, I received an email saying that if I enjoyed Alice’s music, then I would definitely want to check out Emily. I did, and The folks at The Hamilton (run by the Clyde’s Restaurant Group) were freakin’ correct in their assumption.


So, I’m off in about an hour to check her out and listen to some awesome stuff (see video I posted below), and will post a review tomorrow. 


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One Response to It’s Monday

  1. Carla says:

    Nice. I will need a full report after the show please!

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