New Trombone Shorty, Loving the Carolina Chocolate Drops ‘n’ Some Randoms


This morning I woke up and immediately ran to my laptop to download Trombone Shorty’s (@tromboneshorty) new album “Say That to Say This” — yes, I’m one of “those” fans, and there’s no shame in my game. I’ve only had a chance to listen to it on my commute, but I’m enjoying what I’m hearing. I have to say, Raphael Saadiq (@RaphaelSaadiq) was a wise choice to bring on as a producer. So, take 5 minutes today and head on over to or ITunes and buy yourself a really good album.

Some other tidbits — before I dive back into my workload:

Carolina Chocolate Drops

I had the phenomenal opportunity last week to attend the Music Maker Relief Foundation’s fundraiser at The Hamilton here in Washington, D.C. First, I’d like to thank the organizers for offering ticket prices of only $25 to those of us who wouldn’t have been able to drop big bucks for this phenomenal night.

Those of us in attendance were able to witness a living legend — Ironing Board Sam — and those of the next generation — Carolina Chocolate Drops — on one stage, and at one point, all together.

Here is video of the Chocolate Drops doing what they do best, bringing the audience into the music:

All in all, I — along with everyone else in the sold-out show — had a blast. I strongly urge you to take a couple of minutes and head on over to the Music Maker Relief Foundation’s website and learn about what phenomenal things they are doing to help preserve the rich musical traditions of the South.

For those looking to expand their musical taste, I’d like to recommend checking out Criolo Radio (@crioloradio). This website, and smartphone app, is a 24-hour source for Cape Verdean music — which, in most mainstream sites, and music stores, usually ends up being tucked away in the World or Latin Music sections. This site is really cool as it helps to introduce unknown (to the US) artists to a larger artists, while still celebrating the legends we should all know — and probably don’t realize they represent this proud nation.

Last week I was also introduced (via email, of course) to London-based rapper, PW. I’m still trying to get over the fact that he was born the year that I graduated high school — a week before, if his Wikipedia bio is correct, but I am enjoying what I hear from his Sound Cloud uploads. Yet another reason to look at the UK music scene for more options for music.

And with that…I’m out


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