Franti, Concerts and The Freakin’ Heat

It’s been a very interesting week — and I’d like to apologize for not posting. I was too busy watching all this depressing news and just couldn’t focus. Well, now I’m back….

Friday evening, my friend — and fellow concert freak — Bonnie and I made the trek out to Jiffy Lube Live to check out Michael Franti and Spearhead opening up for Train. A little background here — the last time I was at Jiffy Lube, it was Nissan Pavilion and it was  for my first Dave Mathews Band concert (he came to UMass Amherst for the Spring Concert when I was a junior — I was too busy drinking mixed drinks back in my room to go). Kisme, Lori and I were stuck in the parking lot for at least 3 hours. That’s why I haven’t been back.

Apparently, the Powers That Be must have been impressed with our love (obsession) of Michael Franti as Bonnie and I didn’t deal with traffic issues on Route 66 on our way there — or back —  AND, even with rain looming off in the distance, not a drop fell on us. It was like the venue wanted to convince us it was worthy enough to be added to our rotation. Sorry — that’ll never happen. We were only there for Michael Franti & Spearhead….and they did not disappoint!

There was a couple folks behind us in line that have never heard of Michael Franti; saying at one point that this tour will definitely give him a name. I think it’s safe to say that he had a quick lesson on Friday. From the opening song, Franti and his band-mates had most of the crowd on their feet — some singing along, and dancing.

As Bonnie and I are Franit fanatics we just assume we’ll be singing and dancing along with no problem. Not this time around — songs from the forthcoming album were added to the mix. I’m loving what I heard from All People, but it’s weird not being able to sing at the top of your lungs without a care in the world. However, we will be prepared when they come through to The Fillmore in September.

You may be wondering what I thought of Train (or not, just work with me here) — we didn’t stay. I do like them, we just didn’t feel like testing the Powers that Be and get stuck in traffic. Don’t judge….


This heatwave in the mid-Atlantic is testing my patience; especially during my daily commute. But, some good music helps to calm the nerves. Here are some songs on my “Commuting” play list that are current favs:

Lianne La Havas — Is Your Love Big Enough (she’s a beast, and on my must see live list)

Jay Z — Tom Ford (I can’t help myself)

Michael Franti & Spearhead — I’m Alive (just so damn freakin’ HAPPY!)

On My Way — Res (another artist I’d love to see live)

Can’t Hold Us — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (guilty pleasure — and I’m loving this whole album)

Kenny Wesley — Won’t Let Go (yeah, it’s a slow jam…but that voice makes me smile)

Oops….gotta conference call in 10 minutes — I’m out!




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