Let the fun begin…hello, again.

Yes, I know it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve been on this blog — and I’m embarrassed. So, let’s start fresh…..

Hello, I’m Kristin and I’m a music addict — and this is my blog dealing with mostly music. This year has been a very exciting one for me as DC has suddenly become a destination city for some really good artists. As most of my friends who read this know, I’m always looking for artists who hover below the radar. Those that have a very solid fan base, but you wouldn’t necessarily hear them on mainstream radio. I’m planning on talking about these folks as I hit their concerts or when new albums come out that I’d like to bring to your attention — or, as most of my friends describe it, I become a one-person PR team.

To avoid the huge gap between posts (like this past year…I’m so embarrassed), my posts will be quick random ditties. If I think too hard I over-think and then walk away.  So — I hope you enjoy and you’ll come back in the next day or two for my review of the Train and Michael Franti/Spearhead concert (it’ll probably be me pissing and moaning about how much I hate Jiffy Lube Live).

And…I’m out!


About KJStJ

Proud nerd who loves music, animals and making the world a better place
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One Response to Let the fun begin…hello, again.

  1. Bonnie says:

    It might be you pissing and moaning that I only let you hear 3 Train songs before I made you leave. Either way – good times!

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