Just when I thought I had a great blog ready….

My friend, Bonnie, sent me a link to Amazon.com’s free download for Tuesday, July 5th — Esperanza Spalding doing a cover of Billie Holiday’s “I’ll Look Around.” I love me some Espranza, been a fan since way before she won the “Best New Artist” Grammy for her album “Chamber Music Society.”

So, after listening to a clip, and adding the link to my Facebook page, I started my click-fest and discovered “A Tribute to Billie Holiday,” an album chock full of phenomenal artists — Esperanza, Babyface, Brownstone, Deborah Cox, and Frida Payne. WOW…what an album…..

How this album has flown in under a radar is beyond me — which is why I had to post it for you. Worth downloading….trust me.

Well…as long as I’m sitting here tapping away — my question for you is….what songs signifies “summer” to you? Now that the warm weather is officially here, I’ve been updating my IPod accordingly. Am I the only one that does that on a regular?

Shoot…look at the time, I’ll add to the list tomorrow night — I’m tired…..


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2 Responses to Just when I thought I had a great blog ready….

  1. Sean says:

    OH MAN! Good question and nice blog~

    Fresh Prince – Summer Time

    Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

    Jack Johnson – Middle Man, Traffic in the Sky, Better Together, MANY MORE!

    Elevators – Row Your Boat, hope I spelled it right! =D

    Enjoy! Glad to be the first to post! peace~ =)

  2. Jacki says:

    I know I’m two years late, but I have one, which is — in a way — already listed by Sean: “Summer Madness” by Kool and the Gang. This song really shows the Gang’s beginnings as a jazz band. Check out the extended version. Nice. For me, it brings back vague memories of running around my neighborhood at dusk. catching fireflies. 🙂 “Summer Breeze” by the Isley Brothers is also a serious classic summer song. I always see that 1970s-style kitchen curtain in our house blowing in the breeze.

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