37 Reasons Why I am Happy to be 37

Hey everyone! Yes, it’s me….it’s been a crazy couple of weeks with work, but I wanted to check in and share 37 reasons why I’m happy to be turning 37 on June 7th (tomorrow, today or yesterday — depending on when you’re reading this).

1. I share my birthday with….Prince. How freakin’ cool is that?

2. I was witness to the genius of Lauryn Hill — before she lost her freakin’ mind

3. How can one be unhappy being this…cute?

4. I experienced the Muppet Show when it was originally on the air

5. Whitney Houston wasn’t in rehab when I was a fan

6. I can fondly look back at my elementary and high school years

7. I went to UMass Amherst when it was still a school for working class students

8. You participated in extra-curricular activities because you wanted to — not because you HAD to make your college applications stand out in the crowd

9. New Edition’s music was…..new

10. New Kids on the Block didn’t have to take a break after every song during their concert (sorry, it’s true, I love them….but DAMN)

11. My mom could take me to Fenway for a Red Sox game without having to take out a loan from CCB&T to get the tickets

12. Krushgroove!

13. Purple Rain!

14. I remember when gas was a mere 99 cents a gallon (those of you who use to ride to and from Boston and Amherst in Leroy appreciated this)

15. I grew up watching Creature Double Feature and Kung Fu Theater on Saturday afternoons

16. At this age, I have no problem judging stupid people……and trust me, I judge

17. I can afford my own place and it doesn’t look like my college dorm anymore

18. I’ve officially passed the “I know you’re having a white wedding when it’s time” and have moved onto the “You went to City Hall today? Cool!”

19. My philosophy — See Me….Know Me…..Love Me

20. I don’t need to ask permission if I want to go out and play all day

21. I don’t need to ask permission if I want to go to a bar and drink all day

22. I saw Harry Belafonte live…LIVE!

23. Shoot, I KNOW who Harry Belafonte is

24. I experienced school without having to worry about guns, violence, cyber bullying…..or teachers having to teach to a major test

25. I can afford to go to sporting events….and get drunk enough to start stuff — without getting kicked out

26. I remember when the NFL, NBA, & MLB didn’t feel the need to tell us when to cheer and chant — fans were MUCH smarter

27. I’m diggin’ my random grey patch in my hair — especially since it only makes an appearance when the wind blows a certain way….or my tall brother feel the need to point it out

28. My Concert Bucket List is actually being completed

29. I don’t “need” to go out to clubs anymore — an evening chillin’ with friends is enough entertainment for me

30. I can afford to live alone

31. It’s fun when interns look to me for ideas and direction

32. I’m passed the “When are you having kids?” age….well almost, but I think folks are giving up

33. Did someone just mention a vacation? Oh yeah — I can FINALLY go on a real vacation without having to do magical accounting

34. New Jack City!

35. I’m at the age when I can go out by myself and not give a sh*t….well, actually, I never really gave a sh*t

36. When I forget something people don’t immediately blame weed

37. Three more years and it’ll be time for the blow-out 40th Birthday Party!


About KJStJ

Proud nerd who loves music, animals and making the world a better place
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4 Responses to 37 Reasons Why I am Happy to be 37

  1. Kelly says:

    So, I think we need to start planning the 40th bash now!!

  2. Karen says:

    I absolutely loved all 37 reasons.
    Just wanted you to know that you actually got me starting to think about 60 reasons before next week, gee THANKS.
    Enjoy your day!

  3. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday!

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