Some new music…..and there’s always reminders!

Hey folks…

Happy Monday — or Tuesday….or {enter the day you read this here}. I had a good day at work — started by realizing I’ve officially passed my 90-day trial period….and my health insurance officially starts in two weeks — YEAH!

So I’m sitting here during this raining evening with Mia the Magnificent at my feet (hoping I’ll drop some of my dinner) and listening to my new favorite singer, Laura Tsaggaris.

Who you ask? Read it here first — a singer from the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia area) will be playing on your IPod this summer. Once you give Laura a listen, you’ll be hooked. Trust me.

Just to give you a quick background. A couple of weeks ago my neighbor — Carla — heard me talking about Citizen Cope (a singer from Bethesda, MD) and how much I love his music. Carla told me about a friend of hers who is a singer/songwriter and has a local show coming up. Always one to jump on new music — and an opportunity hit a local bar to hear — I told Carla I was down…and Saturday night we were at the Iota Club & Cafe, in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington (VA).

That night, Laura opened up for Antigone Rising — an all-women band (think Dixie Chicks meet The Bangles).

Here’s a quick video from them:

They were phenomenal, I highly recommend checking them out when you have a chance. But, let me get back to the original reason why I’m talking about Saturday night…..

So, I was at this concert not knowing anything about either Laura or Antigone Rising. And, I enjoyed every minute I was there. Laura brough the house down — and you can tell she had alot of support in the audience. Unfortunately, I can’t break down the performance song by song since I was riding blind….but, I liked just being able to stand there and take it all in without “knowing” what the song should sound like.

I hate comparing artists with other artists (I know I did it two paragraphs ago). But after a couple of days of listening her Laura’s new album Keep Talking, I can definitely say that she reminds me of a little bit of Melody Gardot mixed in with Sheryl Crowe; the one that gave us “Gasoline” —  not necessarily “Soak up the Sun” (a favorite summer song for me, but it’s pop-y as shit). Her voice was flawless and you can tell she was comfortable on the stage — which these days is rare among the younger singers (hello, Chrisette Michele!).

So……to encourage you to purchase Ms. Tsaggaris stuff, I present you with “Get Yourself Right”

Bob Marley Week — Hits and Misses

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the legendary Bob Marley’s untimely death (that sounds a bit morbid, but you know what I mean), NBC’s Jimmy Fallon declared last week Bob Marley Week. I’ll be honest, I can’t stand Jimmy Fallon — I don’t get with that whole “awkward is cute” thing he’s got going on….to me it’s more like “you’re a duchebag.” Anyway…I digress.

Each night, Jimmy had an artist perform one (or two) songs from Bob Marley. My favorites were — Ziggy Marley (Get Up, Stand Up), Chris Cornell (Redemption Song — which has to be my favorite all week), The Roots (Dem Belly Full), Lauryn Hill (Could You Be Loved — seriously, is she pregnant?!) and Jakob Dylan (I Shot the Sheriff). Lenny Kravitz’s version of “Roots Rock Reggae” was a-right…..I say this because I remember when he was supposed to be singing this for the Chant Down Babylon album (when current artists were doing “duets” with Bob) and he was shown the door after telling the Marley family he wanted to be listed as a producer — enter Steven Tyler from Aerosmith — who blew that song UP. Plus he looks like an old lady with that scarf on his head.

The one performance I could have done without was Jennifer Hudson’s “No Woman No Cry” — she’s not a “soft” singer……so, she fell flat on her face. That’s all I can say.

Before I get out of here — remember, Ben Harper’s new album is released tomorrow (yes, I’ve been counting down for the past month now). If you would like to hear/read a great interview about him and this album — which is the last recording on his Virgin/EMI contract — check out this piece from NPR

Well…I’m off to deal with the Monster. Until the next time…..


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