An Insane Tuesday!

I know…I know….two posts in as many days? That is unheard of!

Well….this morning, I stumbled over a ton of music-related tidbits I just had to share with you before either I forgot or they weren’t new anymore.

For you Sade fans — an “Ultimate Collection” released has been announced for May 31. If you pre-order it you’ll receive pre-sale codes for brand-new concerts dates in North America AND the collection will be sent out before it’s official released. Check it out here

Some of you who are friends of mine on Facebook may still be laughing at my desperation to get the Starbucks/ITunes “Song of the Week” download code for his new single “Rock and Roll is Free.” Well, today the song is literally free for anyone. Click here. I’ve already pre-ordered his new album — Give Until It’s Gone — which will be released on May 17th.

My fellow adoptee — and, truthfully, my heart — Michael Franti has released his ITunes Live from Soho EP. I just downloaded it (Thank you, Bonnie for the heads up!) and I’m sitting here typing and smiling…I can’t help but enjoy his voice and his music. Shoot –his overall aura! If you have $5.99 — it’ll be worth every penny. Franti EP

Another interesting twist in the Amazon-Apple war over music was introduced today as well. has announced a “Cloud” application for computers AND Android phones — so you can listen to your music anywhere. Hmm….since I’m planning on getting a ‘Droid when I upgrade my phone in a couple of month I’m all over this information. I’ll be taking some extra time to check it out one weekend when I’m chillin’ at home. Here’s the link

Ok…well, time for me to go and harass my little monster…and make some dinner — I’m hungry.

Until the next time……turn up the volume! – KJStJ


About KJStJ

Proud nerd who loves music, animals and making the world a better place
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