What Music is Gift Certificate Worthy? Other Random Thoughts

Ok….so, let me apologize. It’s been in an insane week for me — leaving your job, even after only 14 months, can be a pain in the ass.

The highlight, though, was one of my going away gifts — a $50 ITunes gift certificate. Short of downloading random Apps for my Touch, I hardly buy music form ITunes anymore. Most of the stuff is more expensive than Amazon or even buying directly from the artist’s website. Why? Most of the albums have all these extras — do I really need a video when I can just download it from YouTube if it’s that good? Also, with Amazon.com’s $5 downloads, I can hop on at the beginning of the month and download albums I’ve been wanting without a second thought.

So this begs the question: What music is worth using up an ITunes gift card?

The first thing I did was pre-order Adele’s “21” — which will automatically download when I turn on my computer on February 22nd. Something tells me I’ll be up at 5AM that Tuesday to make sure it’s downloaded and on my Touch before I walk out of the house for my gym time. $40 to go……


Earlier this week I was completely geeked up after reading that Kindred The Family Soul has just released a new single off their upcoming album.

“You Got Love” featuring Snoop Dogg is on point — not that I would even think that Kindred could release anything less than phenomenal. Definitely check out the video (link below) and support Kindred by buying the single. It’s nice to see a couple so in love share their life with such great music.

You Got Love Music Video

Here’s my favorite song from Kindred’s debut album:

Keep an eye out for Kindred if they go on tour to promote this album. I was lucky to see them three times here in DC and had a great time. Very positive vibes and you can’t help but love a group that’ll pull out classic ol’ school funk songs that get the audience, already hyped, to a whole new level.

My friend’s couch is callin’ me….see you all in the upswing.


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