Res Comes Back!

Awww…the summer of 2001 brought us this great female singer — Res. I stumbled onto her debut album, How I Do, and instantly fell in love.

Of course, I bullied my friends into checking her out — and the same thing happened. Actually, one of them went out to buy her album even after I burned her a copy. You saw her being pushed by Best Buy, she was all over MTV. She toured the country — hitting small venues like “Club 9:30” in Washington, DC. Yes….she is that good. And then, she did a Keyser Soze and…..disappeared.

What happened? I couldn’t tell you for sure. However, I firmly believe Res is the perfect example of artists who don’t fit into the normal categories record and radio execs have made up. Therefor they’re left on the shelves to collect dust. Thankfully, these artists – and I can name ALOT of them (see a parial list below) — now have a voice on the internet, and a great friend named “Pandora.” I honestly believe Pandora is responsible for about 70% of my music purchases the past 6 months.

I still play How I Do like it came out yesterday and was excited when I started receiving email announcements about Res performing in Philadelphia and also working on an album. The album “Black Girls Rock” has been released — but not in the US. Good lord…..

So, to make sure her music gets out there, Res has been smart enough to release some singles, for free, on her website. To follow up her initial release, “Say You Will” — a collaboration with Talib Kweli and Ab Liva — Res is dropping another song from her upcoming album tomorrow (February 4th). Take a quick visit to her website — — to listen to the new tracks and get a feeling about who she is as an artist. You don’t regret it, trust me.

Ok…so here are some other artists who I believe have been ignored by the US music industry as a whole (I’ll get myself worked up to do a rant about the US music industry vs. the world at a later date): **This is at the top of my head, so I can go and watch the end of NCIS**

  • Alice Smith  
  • MeShell NdgeO’cello (she has a huge following, but it’s very niche)
  • Raul Midon
  • Dan Dyer
  • Amel Larrieux
  • Angela Johnson
  • Asa
  • Chrisette Michele
  • Gomez
  • Demien

This is not to say, these artists do not have a dedicated following or even get radio play — a couple on that list actually do, mostly on alternative/indie or even adult contemporary stations — but they haven’t been able to break out in a major way or even able to release a follow up album because a labels A&R team are more interested in how many times a song makes it on the Hot 100 on a Clear Channel station.

What kills me though, is when an artist makes the round on the talk shows and finally gets picked up and then just disappears — like what happened with Res or even Alice Smith (who was nominated for a Grammy for God’s sake). Alice Smith’s sophomore album was scheduled to be released two summers ago……and nothing. A friend met her after a show in NYC last summer and asked when it was coming out. Alice’s response: “I don’t have the faintest, call my label and tell them to release it.” We all know that happens more than not — yet, when I have the radio on I hear Drake five times in an hour. Lovely


Commuting Mix Songs on repeat:

  • Adele – Rolling in the Deep
  • In the Colors — Ben Harper
  • No One’s Gonna Love You — Cee Lo Green
  • Off the Ground — Citizen Cope
  • Only Thing Missing Was You — Michael Franti

PS — This is now my second post. If you’re reading this, please comment….the more the merrier. I’m a feedback junky.


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8 Responses to Res Comes Back!

  1. Naralia says:

    Yeah! Will enjoy reading your “mostly music” bloggeroos! Miss the THK news and this will fill the void!

  2. Bonnie Knight says:

    Can I get an AMEN???!!!! I’m so excited you are finally doing this!! I’m pleased with myself that I know a bunch of the names listed above – however, I will out myself and say I’ve never heard of Res. It’s definitely time for a music exchange! Keep the music coming, girl!!

  3. Erin says:

    Way to go Kristin! I’ve favorited this and will be checking back all the time. Congrats on the blog.

  4. Bonnie Knight says:

    I have discovered the Black Keys – I’m really digging them. Care to comment?????

    • Kristin says:

      I am loving certain songs from the Black Keys. “Tighten Up” is one of my favs right now. And, they are pretty good live — I saw the episode of Austin City Limits that had a set from them. Will, I buy their album outright? Probably not — I’ll wait for it to go on the $5 download list on

      Sorry, I’ve been silent for the past two weeks, this job is making me hate looking at my laptop.

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